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Real Estate F.A.Q

Common Questions about Real Estate Transactions

Chatham County, North Carolina


Q: Is Carolina Forestry a Government organization?
Carolina Forestry is not associated with the US, State or local government.  We are a private Real Estate and Consulting Forestry Company that represents private landowners in the sale of real property and timber.
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Q: Has the timber been cut/sold on all of Carolina Forestry’s land listings?
Even though we are consulting foresters and selling standing timber is part of our company, we do not recommend all our clients sell their timber before they sell their land.  On the contrary, we usually recommend that our clients not sell the timber before putting the land on the market.  Most buyers find harvesting of timber to be a detriment and will not look at a tract of land if the trees have been recently harvested. [back to top]


Q: Does Carolina Forestry own the properties that are listed for sale?
Carolina Forestry owns a few of the properties for sale on our website, but the overwhelming majority are properties that are owned by our clients
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Q: Where do I get financing for purchasing land?
Most lending institutions will lend money for the purchase of land. We have found that a local bank called AgCarolinaopens in a new window (part of the Farm credit system) specializes in financing land and land/home packages.  They typically require 15-20% down and will finance over 20-25 years.  Sometimes the seller of a property will do owner financing and we will indicate that on the individual listings
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Q: When and how do I make an offer for a tract of land?
Once you have visited the property and you find the location and property attributes satisfactory, then you are ready to move forward.  Submitting an offer entails filling out a purchase agreement with conditions that protect both seller and buyer and offering earnest money.  The earnest money is monies that will go towards the purchase of the property at closing and is refundable if certain conditions in the contract are not satisfied (bad title, rejection of loan, etc…).  Once the earnest money has been submitted and the buyers and sellers have signed the purchase agreement, the property is under contract.
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Q: Can I visit the properties listed on Carolina Forestry’s web site?
All of our properties are available to visit on your time schedule.  Carolina Forestry’s associates do not have to be present for you to inspect a property.  If there is a tract of land that requires us to escort potential buyers or there is a locked gate, we will indicate that in the property description.
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Q: How can I stay up to date on Carolina Forestry’s land listings?
All you have to do is join our email list.  Every new listing is posted on our website before we do any other advertising.  Once the new listing is posted, we immediately send out an email to every email address that has subscribed to our list indicating there is a new listing on our website.
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Q: How do I know if a tract of land will perk for a septic system?
We cannot guarantee a tract of land will perk unless the County’s Environmental Health Department has visited the property and approved a certain area for a perk site.  If this has not happened, the buyer should require that a perk site be a contingency of an offer to purchase contract.
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Q: Do I need a boundary survey when buying land?
Typically if a survey has not been performed within the last 10-15 years, we recommend having a property surveyed.  If you are getting a loan to purchase the property, the lender may require a new survey.
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